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If I could just walk a mile in her shoes There is no way I could lose I would paint her cute toes Just to see how it goes And wear her high heels if I choose. Just to know how it feels as her breasts start to jiggle Just to know how to walk to make that ass wiggle To make my blonde hair sway and flip To chew nervously on my red bottom lip And then to burst out in a giggle.

To see what she sees with those big blue eyes To feel what she feels with those curvy thighs I would talk softly with her smooth voice To leave that great body would not be my choice I would just truly enjoy my new size. This is my wish that I hope does come true I wish it and wish it till each d.

View Gallery. She hated always getting hit on and talked perverted too. She always wanted to go hang out places without having to worry about people coming to talk to her, and she always wanted to be on the other end, but never did because she didn't know how to start a conversation, as most other people did. Clair finished getting ready to go out and saw a note on her desk that read "TG Questionnaire. She grabbed a pen and looked at the first question.


Question 1: If you were a guy Question 2: If you were a guy Question 3: If you were a guy He got changed as fast as he could, and didn't stop to wait for her by the showers. Instead Sammy went straight to the main pool. Best to get it over with, he thought, and dived head-first into the deep end. The shock of cold water was unbearable, but he tried to keep himself warm by swimming, with his best attempt at a butterfly stroke, not knowing all the while that he was being watched.

When he got to the other side, he saw the competitive swimmers in the roped-off area of the pool. There was a guy in a swimming cap who looked about his age, swimming lengths and looking serious. He would probably be going to Sammy's new school. Determined to prove himself the better swimmer, Sammy pushed off the nearest wall and tried to out-swim the other kid. But after two lengths, he was already tired.

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He noticed his mom watching from the stands. What was she doing that for? Suddenly conscious that he had an audience, Sammy pushed off the wall again, determi. It was the start. However, Matt found her annoying and tried to distance as much as possible from her, to avoid being asked to be with dolls with her, to Tiffany's dismay. She thought her brother was the coolest, and wanted him to pay attention and play with her. After being locked out of her brother's room again, Tiffany went back to her own room and shut the door behind her.

She lied in her bed and whispered to herself: "I wish Matt would be attention to me and talk to me. She tried to get up and go to the bathroom, but almost fell down as a wave of vertigo and she began to change. Tiffany's hair began to retreat back into her and it became shorter and shorter until it went slightly past her ears. Her nose became less petite and her lips no longer puffed out.

Body hair began to grow on her arms and legs to make them more masculine. Her legs growing curves went back to being flat with he. Jeff Grant was in a difficult position. A while back, he had out a small loan to pay off some personal things, hidden from his family.

Nothing too much he thought and he figured he would be able to pay it back in no time.

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However, little did he know what he was in for, even after getting several warnings before this point. Before him was Boris Stanlich, a notorious heavyweight within the Russian mob and the man behind the loan office. The sky was clear, the weather just fresh enough, and all the students were spending their Sunday out playing or going out with friends or what not. Well, all of them except for a small group of four students, who were currently sitting on the bleachers wasting the morning away.

From their impatient looks, it seemed the four boys were waiting for either something to happen, or more specifically, someone to arrive.

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One of them — a tall, blond boy in a dark red shirt — looked into his watch, before letting out a sigh. It's ! The brown-haired boy pushed his glasses up before turning back to look at his friend. Jamila grew tired of waiting on the pool edge for Mika to finish her lap, and dived back in, sending ripples of cold water over her.

It was all Jamila could do not to laugh. It was after hours in the school pool, and the place was deserted at this time.

The Girl Factory (Gender Transformation Erotica)

Most people had finished their lessons and extracurriculars for the day. They would return their home to stick their heads in front of a screen and allow themselves to be passively amused. But not these people. Ever since the Aquatics Center closed down, the school pool was the only place to train without driving all the way into Orlando.

That was part of the reason why Jamila and Kimika had scheduled an impromptu training session for today. Jamila, the ol. View More. In short it was the perfect start to the day and Nick was going to enjoy every second of it to its fullest. Well almost prefect as even though he was a well-toned athletic individual Nick was disappointingly single. In fact his luck with girls was about as non-existent as genies. Seeing is Believing TG Negative. Sarah sighed at the test in her hands. The corners of her eyes stung as she sat on the edge of the tub.

Not again. Her eyes blurred as the tears started to fall. She tried to get it together, but they wouldn't stop. Loud sobs began to rack her body and she tried to quiet them by covering her mouth with her hands. Too late. Her husband opened the bathroom door.

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Daniel was stone-faced as he walked to his wife and sat next to her, holding her in his arms. He knew and there was nothing more he could do than go through the motions with her. Wetness leaked from his eyes and dripped into her hair, causing him to hold her closer than ever.

What If? It seems pretty fine to me. She popped the top open and squirted a quarter size in her left hand and did the same for Daniel. Sibling Swap - TG "Are you sure you know where you're going, sis? The branches had already closed over the path they had been walking, thick grasses covering whatever footsteps they might have left. He tried to remember whether they had been there before, swallowing hard and letting the subject drop after a few seconds. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.

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