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  2. United to Save Our Democracy | Move to Amend
  3. How Republicans Softened Their Views on Immigration

But what if better manners and respect don't surface? Must we await a cataclysmic event to reunite us as Americans, like former Speaker John Boehner worrisomely suggested might be necessary? The answer must be no. We must actively seek out solutions, realizing that we have it in our power to fix this, rather than acting like we're helpless characters in some dystopian novel.

So what do we do? As individuals, stay calm, insist on appropriate conduct, contact politicians and convey that expectation, and vote.

Save This Event

Read novels because they teach empathy for others. Dish out low-key moral reminders of appropriate conduct; it's been shown to be effective in pushing people to be more virtuous, at least in the short term. So is being a role model who inspires others. Embrace complexity.

United to Save Our Democracy | Move to Amend

Thomas Jefferson kept an African-American mistress and owned slaves; he also penned a Declaration of Independence that clamored for more freedom and self-rule than the world thought possible. Reality is complicated. Twitter is characters. Getting outside our self-selected social media echo chambers is more than a good idea—it is now a civic responsibility.

Congress can take steps.

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It can change its constitutional oath of office so its members swear to act responsibly and collegially, in the best interests of the republic think of this as a moral reminder. It can simply ban "one-minute" partisan speeches at the start of the legislative day when each party vents at the other. Congress could experiment with campaign finance reform or even public funding of elections to bust this madcap mess of members fundraising all of the time, and all over the country, to raise money to fund simplistic attack ads.

The proposed reforms would make our democracy more participatory, more deliberative, and better equipped to solve large national problems. That is an attractive package, and OLeary presents it with engaging prose and forceful argument. Read this book, and act on it. Steeped in knowledge of the American political system, O'Leary draws on Hume, Harrington, Jefferson, and others to craft a case for republicanizing the national system so as to advance citizen participation.

This would add a new structural feature to the basic Madisonian design. O'Leary's ideas are, to say the least, provocative. Kevin OLeary has a bold but realistic vision of how the restoration of real democracy could happen. These proposals would empower the deliberations of ordinary citizens without surrendering the important features of our Constitution and our representative political system.

How Republicans Softened Their Views on Immigration

Anyone who knows the dangers of direct democracy but who still wants to engage citizens in political decision-making should read this book. A growing number of bold thinkers and activists now insist we can do better, none more constructively than Kevin O'Leary.

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Flint is widely known as the emblematic example of what happens when politicians put profits and politics over people, but there are other cities and towns headed down the same path: dangerously high levels of lead and other contaminants have been found in the water supply in Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Newark, Detroit and even Washington, D.

Even more shocking is the data that shows that every year from to , between 9 million and 45 million Americans got their drinking water from a source that violated the standards of the Environmental Protection Agency EPA. This imbalance must be corrected.

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  8. History shows us that policies that prohibit discrimination based on race, such as the Civil Rights Act of , have far-reaching benefits. However, policies such as the Clean Air Act , the Clean Water Act and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act are examples of federal regulations that should be more intentional about eliminating the disparities realized by communities of color.

    As the presidential candidates who are vying to lead this nation shape their policy platforms and agendas, they must ensure that environmental justice and equity are a top priority. The linkages to health, the economy and quality of life are clear, and the necessity for a bold new vision that includes us all is non-negotiable.