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Sign in. Until she bumps into Trace Allen. Bull rider, ex-boyfriend, and all-around bad boy, Trace plucks her off her feet and invites her into his warm travel trailer. But Lacey has her misgivings. Trace is every bit as strong and virile as the bulls he rides--and just as volatile. But when she finds evidence that their bad breakup was a misunderstanding, she begins to question everything she thought she knew about him. And will Lacey end up stranded, or straddled by the hottest bad-boy cowboy the rodeo circuit has ever seen?

The Only Game in Town. Delilah Devlin. Hate Sex: Poems for the Bedroom. Cindy Johnson. Ellie Reynylt.

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Sweetest Splendor. Kacey Hammell. Duty and Pleasure. Lynn Chantale. When she'd told her roommate what happened, the girl shrugged and said, "Then move out. That way, Bryce can move in with me. Kathy's savings were mere fumes, and there was no way to get them back.

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Luckily, her friend's name was the only one on the lease, since she planned to stay there, and Kathy had only meant to room with her for a year or two. Her boyfriend was our office manager. Dating supposedly was against company policy. No one knew about them. Lesson learned. She'd trusted someone who was a scumbag and took advantage of her. Dad pinched his lips together in a tight line. We manage, but that's all. Our quarterly report's coming up. If you'd help us with it, you could stay here until your car gets fixed. Dad hadn't complained about quarterly reports before.

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But if this was Dad's way of offering Kathy a place to stay until she could move on, that was fine with him. Kathy pursed her lips, thinking. I could use extra money to cover my car repairs, so the answer's yes. Harley looked at him suspiciously, but the old man could play innocent when he wanted to. Mom had been a spitfire, and his dad—a Swede—used charm and diplomacy to get his way. Harley had inherited his mom's coloring and his dad's size.

And he'd been lucky enough to be loved by both of them.

She grimaced. My son can create wonders in the kitchen. Tell us what you like, and he'll fix it for you. I'm not picky. Didn't your parents spoil you? Dad's good at that, and he'll make me help. She shook her finger at him. He'd better watch himself. He found it far too easy to want to please her.

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Probably because she was a stranger and temporary. At least, that's what he told himself. A week later, supper over, the three of them were sitting on the back patio, enjoying the evening and sipping one of the new wines they were experimenting with. Chewy curled on Kathy's lap, and she randomly stroked his fur. Two of the barn cats wove around her feet.


Dad was telling her the glories of Mill Pond—all of the specialty farms and tourist events—when Kathy's phone jangled. She checked the ID and stared. Why in the world would she call me? Dad's eyes narrowed at Harley's expression. You might want to answer that.

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Kathy jerked, as though whip-lashed, then glared at him, and finally, grinned. When the noise stopped, she said, "I didn't send them. A friend of mine did. Wish I'd thought of it.

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