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  1. French Novels, by Thomas Moore
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  3. Le prétendu "langage de l'éventail" - The mythic "language of the fan"
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  5. Its French Sources and its Translations into French and German

Who then understands the depths of things? The sunset glowed in the rose-hued clouds. It was the end of a day of storms, and the west Set the showers aflame in a ferocious blaze. Near a ditch, at the edge of a rain puddle, A toad looked at the sky, dazzled creature. In solemn contemplation, horror considered the splendor. Why is there suffering and why is there ugliness? The Roman Empire is littered with petty Augustuses Tyrannous Caesars, as the toad is with pustules, As the meadow with flowers and the sky with sunshine. The leaves were purpling in the vermillion trees.

French Novels, by Thomas Moore

The water glinted, twined with the grass in the ditch. The evening unfurled as a banner. The bird lowered its voice in the weakening day. All softened, in the air, on the horizon; and, full of forgotten dreams, The toad, without fear, without shame, without anger, Gentle, watched the enormous solar aureole. Maybe the damned one felt blessed. It was a priest with a book he was reading. And the priest was old, and the woman was beautiful. Then came four schoolboys, serene as the heavens. We have game, inebriated by the dawn in our eyes.


We have our mothers. We are joyous schoolboys. Gay little men, breathing the air, Filling our lungs, loved, free, and happy. What to do; If not torture a pathetic being? The toad crawled along in the bottom of a rut.

It was the hour when the far fields turn azure. Wild creature, the toad longed for night. The children saw him. Enlarging the hole where his eye had been, wounding His wounds, thrilled, applauded by the passersby; Because the passersby laughed. And the sepulchral shadow Covered the dark martyr who could not even moan. And the blood, the atrocious blood, flowed from everywhere On the poor creature, whose crime was to be ugly.

Le prétendu "langage de l'éventail" - The mythic "language of the fan"

He fled. He had one leg torn off. A child struck him with a broken trowel, And every blow skimmed the beleaguered beast Who, even on a day that smiled upon him, Even beneath an immense sky, lurked at the bottom of a cave. He drools! We might have said that he had escaped a terrible embrace. The sorry act! To worsen misery! To add horror to deformity! Dislocated, he stumbled from stone to stone.


The toad still had breath, without shelter, without asylum. He crawled. We might have said that death Found him too ugly and refused to take him. The children wanted to tie him in a shoelace, But he escaped them, slipping beside a hedge. The rut gaped. He dragged his wounds And dived in, bloodied, broken, his skull open, Feeling the bit of freshness in the green swamp, Washing the human cruelty in the mud. And the children, with spring on their cheeks, Blonde, charming, had never had such fun.

And the despairing creature Watched as their terrible faces hunched over him.


It was a furor and it was an ecstasy. One of the children returned with a brick. Heavy, but for its evil purpose easily carried. This exhausted donkey, limping and appalling, Was close to the stable after a day of walking. He pulled the cart and carried a saddlebag. Every step he took, as if his next to last. The beast walked, beaten, extenuated. The preface to pt.

The text pretended to be fiction, yet this was the usual pretence under which authors and publishers could publish whatever they wanted, sure that those whom they attacked would neither acknowledge that the allegations applied to them, nor try to prove their innocence in a public debate.

In order to be sold as fiction, the text had needed a preface on fictions, and the author had stolen it.

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  • In Jean Baptiste Morvan De Bellegarde had shown no scruples to turn these lines into a work of his own. The first English translations appeared in Done into English. With a preface, by the translator London: Geo. The preface was valuable in both directions. A French translation of The Secret History of Queen Zarah was first published in , when the text suddenly offered the most important details: the intriguing story of the connections between Marlborough, the leading General of the allied forces in the War of the Spanish Succession, his wife Sarah Jennings, up to then confidante of Queen Anne, and the Whig ministry which was about to fall — events which led to the end of the war.

    The first copies still offered the original preface.

    Its French Sources and its Translations into French and German

    The following editions dropped the pages which had offered after all nothing but a French text first translated into English and then translated back into French. German intellectuals read The Secret History of Queen Zarah in French editions, the market was not ripe for a German edition until — when the peace of Utrecht was soon to be signed. In his own preface the German editor made it clear that the original preface on the rise of the novel was nothing but a pretence behind which one bought a volume of political slander one could not publish otherwise.

    Narrative, Icon, and Polemic: Eekhoud. Modern Archetypes: Artaud and Genet. Queer Allegories: Tournier and Hocquenghem. Conclusion: Reckoning the Queer Martyr. Back Matter Pages. Skip to content Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. The New Face of Creationism.